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Mitch Sisskind - Correspondent at Large

A Kick in the Ass [by Mitch Sisskind]

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When somebody went to prison
He'd say they went to college or
If somebody was sick he'd say
They had the sniffles regardless
0f the cancer raging or whatever
They had the sniffles, he said.

If somebody fucked up he'd say
The guy needed a kick in the ass
And because people were always
Fucking up he found himself
Saying the guy needed a kick
In the ass a tremendous amount.

A guy who lost his job needed
A kick in the ass as also did
A guy who booted a ground ball
And a guy whose wife cheated
On him needed a kick in the ass
As she too badly needed one.

He said, "You and you and you
"Need a kick in the ass because
"Let him who is without sin throw
"The first stone. Do I myself need
"A kick in the ass? Why, certainly!
"I've fucked up plenty of times!"


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I left it
on when I
left the house
for the pleasure
of coming back
ten hours later
to the greatness
of Teddy Wilson
"After You've Gone"
on the piano
in the corner
of the bedroom
as I enter
in the dark

from New and Selected Poems by David Lehman

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