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December 13, 2009


Favorite driving song?
Are You Gonna Go My Way? Lenny Kravitz (Nice Jewish Boy)

my favorite road songs and some specific to your trip... and one that I like to scream along to while driving. you can figure out what's what.

Kris Delmhorst- Open Road
West Texas Wind - Dixie Chicks
Roadrunner - Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers
All the Roadrunning - Mark Knopfler & Emmy Lou Harris
Turn the Page - Bob Seger
Car - Built to Spill
Jeff Davis County Blues - Mountain Goats
Trouble Hunters - Astronautalis

The U-Haul we drove up to Texas (from Seattle) in didn't have a CD player, so we made do with the radio.

I know all the words to Brad Paisley's "Wrapped Around" and Garth Brooks' "I've Got Friends in Low Places", two songs which seemed to play every hour on the hour on every station during that (very long) road trip.

Hm... but yeah, favourite driving song... I love summertime driving in Austin with Sublime cranked up.

So, Sublime - Wrong Way.

"Let There Be Rock" by the Drive-by-Truckers. The whole Southern Rock Opera album is damn good driving music.

Rock on, Jess.

Anything off CAR WHEELS ON A GRAVEL ROAD(Lucinda Williams).

Hugs to you(and Joshie)

Radar Love(Golden Earing)

"jezabel" by the drones

Ben Folds - "Effington" or "Cologne" (piano orchestral version)
first half or so of Guster's Lost and Gone Forever
R.E.M. - "Hope"
2 Big 2 Be Buried - "Waighton the Dawns"

selected old time radio programs. always.

Woody Guthrie - "Drivin' In My Car". Can You make those noises?

"A Mind of Her Own" leading into "Never Leave a Job Half Done" - Pedro the Lion

"Adder" - Patrick Wolf

Although at nighttime the music needs to be softer, like Beach House or Peter and the Wolf.

ahhh, driving is awesome! like jess!

"To Be Young (Is to be Sad, Is to Be High)" Ryan Adams

"Graceland" Paul Simon

"My Girls" Animal Collective

"For Emma / Re:Stacks" Bon Iver

Absolutely 'Radar Love,' with certain proclivities towards appropriate titles ('In the Backseat' by the Arcade Fire, 'Open Road Song' by Eve6), 'Hand In Glove' by the Smiths, and the entirety of _Blood on the Tracks_.

I made you a mix-tape of driving songs I like. Listen to it. Exclusively.


Personally, I like to drive in silence until the other person gets weirded out and asks if something's wrong with the radio. Then I say, "The radio? Huh. I never thought of that."

Always gets the road trip off to an awesome start.

Or you could just put on an erotic book on tape. That'll work the magic, too.

A collection of marches I bought for Roger years ago---from Aida (the opera, not Elton John) to John Williams's Indiana Jones. The Eagles reunion album is hard to beat, too.

As the other half of the aforementioned fraternal twin (me, yes, me), I vote for anything Lady Gaga- as I've recently learned she is Joshie's favorite. :)

"Drive Somewhere," by the Vulgar Boatmen.

More about Spesh, aka Spoooooberrrrs. Feel free to write about me and tragically missing my bday at Sammy's Roumanian.

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