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September 08, 2008


I like this - but then I'm a commie pinko hippie liberal. The Guardian guy is pretty snarky, in my opinion. There is a lot of good stuff going on in this poem -- I'd let the writer into my workshop.

LO is right about the "sarky" edge of the Guardian guy -- I mean "snarky" but "sarky" comes close as does "smirky" and they're all like "shink." What i liked about the Guardian excerpt is the last phrase, which seems to imply that the reporter is a fat short fellow from the Levant (Oscar).

I bet he can't play the piano, though.

Or crack a spontaneous aphorism.

Man does that poem suck...

You lie.

That poem is deep. It
must have deep
er meaning. It's so

deep I almost fell
in it and then I saw my re
flection in its depths and
I knew
Barack Obama is right
right right


(Can I be president now?)

Too bad you didn't fall in and drown, Max.

That was a hateful comment to make, John Cassidy. And frankly, it surprises me coming from you, a leftist. I thought hate was the sealed domain of the Right.

I am always learning new things.

(Can I be president now?)

What a racist comment billy bob.

Michelle's latest hairdo will require you to

Michelle's stylish ensemble
going to demand that you shed your...

That you put down your divisions.
That you come out of your isolation,
that you move out of your comfort zones.
That you push yourselves to be better.

And, like,
that you engage.
Michelle's picture on the cover of Vogue will never
you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.

-Barack Opoema

Max, Max, Max, you surprise me. Hateful? Hardly. I was just commenting succinctly. It is your hostile and sarcastic tone that makes such a comment as mine almost inevitable.
I am not a leftist, and your assumption of my politics is quite in keeping with your lame attempts at humor, you name-calling know-nothing.

Why does Obama write his mother instead of grandmother?; same number of syllables, after all.

"his mother"--eighth line from the bottom (sorry).


Your parody of Obama's po
Em exhibits more wit and in
Vention than the o

Meditating on the profundity of Obama's poetry inspires me to share a Deep Thought by Jack Handy:

I believe in making the world safe for our children, but not our children's children, because I don't think children should be having sex.

And that's what you consider witty or profound? "Taxi!" I'm late for my shink appointment.

I want to live in Ian McMillan's reality just for one day. If a poem of this caliber can be reviewed with such glowing ecstasy then it would appear that Mr. McMillan has never felt a raw negative emotion like the crippling suffering that this poem evokes in all its literate readers. Thus, logic dictates that for McMillan, the world is a cotton candy coated orgasm wrapped up in a magical piece of bacon that arouses the senses and both metaphorically and literally heals an ailing heart. For this man, the 19 year old Obama is the poetic equivalent of a rainbow: a sudden preternatural event inspiring awe and ecstasy.

I like Max's poem. It is amusing. Hostile is a more appropriate description where physical injury is desired.

Max's poem is doggerel. Matt is wrong about "hostile," which is routinely used to characterize speech with intent to wound. Roquentin needs remedial math if she or he or it thinks that "grandmother" and "mother" have the same number of syllables. DL did not write a parody of Obama's poem but a sort of head note. Jesus. What a bunch of crackpots.

I really like it, what I find interesting is the lack of objectivity because now Obama is President.

as for the why didn't he use X words, well its his damn poem and I'm sure when he wrote it, his motivation was not to have it dissected to death. Damm!

The 4 Quadrants Of Power

I believe Frank Marshall Davis, a perverted poet, wrote that for his young friend Barack Obama as a gift.

Obama is not capable of writing that, and it smacks of Davis, his mentor.


I don't know about everyone else, but it sounds like they were both masturbating??!! Very strange piece for sure (at least it was for me anyway :-)

Dark. Depressing. Confused. Empty. And obviously homosexual: amber stained shorts & smells? If this poem is truly from Obama, there more going on under the covers than we've been led to believe.

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