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September 06, 2009


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If you come across the Wilde recording, please post it if you can! That would be amazing!

I posted before I was finished - Tyson reading the poem is remarkable. I wonder what Wilde would have thought? I bet he would have liked it!

Dear L: I went through my entire cassette collection of hundreds of tapes this week, and couldn't find it. But if it somehow shows up, I'll digitize it & stick it in the post. ---T

Brilliant and original post. Thanks, as always.

Dear Laura: Thanks---I should have thought to have looked on line for it. This might be the same one, but in my memory, the tape I had was of Oscar reading the last three verses of the poem. So, I don't know. There's probably a Wilde scholar out there who could speak to the authenticity of the recording. In any case, I'll add your finding to the post. ---T

Oh my. That reading blow my mind. Terry, thanks for much for sending this to me. I'm passing it along to a bunch of scholarly friends. I truly hope it's authentic; even if it isn't, it's moving; if it is, it's mind-blowing.


Tyson and Wilde!! Who'd a-thunk it? Terry's review of the Tyson documentary and Tyson's speech patterns really bit my ear. And Iron Mike's recording of Reading Gaol is spellbinding, scary and brilliant all at once.

Extraordinary! Tyson has always seemed to me to live in the literal instead of the figurative so I was amazed to hear him reading this.

i think iron mike is very poetic. recently caught the documtary and i cant get the vision of him out of my mind. i am like mike... a very sensitive man. not in a sense of being weak, but in a way that lets me feel things on a more extream basis. love and pain. its a curse to be like this, but i cant imagine having the power of punch like mike and being like this. they are two extreams that i am sure torture the man. some of the things he said shocked me to say the least. even when in a tirate of anger i understood what he was saying.. for example. "i will fuck you until you love me" as crass as it may sound. its very poetic and shows a lot of pain. anyway.. i dont admire him, but i respect that he is not what the media has made him out to be, i think he has the ability to be a great poet writing wonderful pros.

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ten hours later
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as I enter
in the dark

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